我们为您的孩子提供多种俱乐部和组织. 作为教育整个孩子的一个组成部分, our clubs and organizations allow your child to grow and explore many different interests. Our students are active leaders in the various clubs and faculty sponsors provide an additional avenue for teaching our students leadership skills. 


以积极的态度对待大三和大四学生, 接纳他人, 良好的沟通, and interest in developing more leadership and communication skills. JPII大使将带领游客参观JPII, 协助伙伴学校参观日, 支持天主教学校周活动, 以及其他各种活动.

教授赞助人:Mrs. Schovel


The Art Honor Society is open to Junior and Senior art students who are interested in art.  Members are inducted annually and must submit an application for consideration. 

教授赞助人:Ms. 尼科尔斯


ASL(美国手语俱乐部),每周二聚会.  适合想要学习基本美国手语的学生. 

发起人:Kim LeChien

Broken and Shared is our liturgical choir that provides contemporary and traditional music for the weekly school Masses.  他们还在其他学校和社区活动中表演.

教授赞助人:先生. 震荡波 


The CRS Club at JPII is the only high school CRS club in the state of Alabama. We exist to raise money for CRS efforts all over the world and to be advocates for the alleviation of poverty. 通过四旬斋饭碗项目和其他筹款项目, 我们给CRS作为一个学校社区提供财政支持. 作为倡导者, we correspond with our elected officials in Washington DC and also advocate for the CRS mission in our school community.  

教授赞助人:Ms. 罗梅伊



象棋俱乐部是一种社交活动, 信息, and instructional environment where students can come together through chess and fellowship. The club will offer a wide variety of activities including instruction, games, and discussions.

教授赞助人:先生. 马丁


An interdenominational Christian sports ministry to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

教授赞助人:先生. Hagood 


JPII学生可以学习和演奏基本的D音&D .周四放学后和同学们在一起. Students can use their imaginations to develop creative problem-solving skills to discover answers to game questions while having fun.

教师资助人:. 史密斯和先生. 琼斯

The 法国俱乐部 is for those students who have an interest in French or the French culture.  It is open to any student and meets once a month, on Thursday, before school.

教授赞助人:先生. Kinslow

The French Honor Society is open to students in level III French who have completed five semesters of French with an “A” average, 其他所有课程的平均成绩为“A”.2.19).

教授赞助人:先生. Kinslow


There is a small vegetable and herb garden at JPII that was previously part of the Environmental Science curriculum but is now being tended by the Garden Club. 在过去的几年里, this garden has produced about twenty-five pounds of vegetables per year which have been donated to Manna House. 今年, we are looking forward to beginning an aquaponics project which will allow us to grow food indoors.

教师资助人:. 多德夫妇. 划船 


Green Team is an interactive educational program that empowers students and teachers to help the environment through waste reduction, 回收, 堆肥, 节能, 防止污染.

教授赞助人:Ms. 凯

TARC 2023

小木槌俱乐部是高中版的演讲会, and we help our students improve their public speaking skills through a variety of activities including table topics which are impromptu short talks as well as more formal speeches. 

教授赞助人:Ms. 安德森


The International Thespian Society recognizes students who excel in technical and 生产 fields as well as performance at JPII.  Membership is based on their achievements in our school's theatre program.

教授赞助人:Mrs. 亚当斯

Latin Club is for those students who have an interest in the Latin language and Roman culture. It is student-led and open to all students who are willing to participate actively. 会员被要求在特殊场合穿长袍. Gaudeamus igitur iuvenes dum sumus! 让我们趁着年轻玩得开心!)

教师赞助:Magistra Schaefer

The Latin Honor Society is open to students in level III Latin who have completed five semesters of Latin with an “A” average, 其他所有课程的平均成绩为“A”.2.19).

教授赞助人:Mrs. Schaefer


《正规靠谱的网赌软件》的学生! 为每周的弥撒庆典提供协助.  They provide input on the celebration as well as assisting students during Mass.

教授赞助人:Ms. Arominski 

致力于激发对数学的浓厚兴趣, 在这一学科中培养强大的学识, 促进高中学生对数学的兴趣.

教授赞助人:Mrs. 凯利

The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, 激发提供服务的欲望, 提升领导力, 并培养学生的个性. 约翰·保罗二世天主教高中.  大四学生和大三第二学期学生均可申请.

教授赞助人:Ms. 安德森

The Pro-Life Club is open to all students interested in supporting life in all stages.  The club participates in fundraising activities and service projects to help those in need.

教师资助人:. 史密斯和太太. Wieter


The Spanish Club affords students the opportunity to practice Spanish and enjoy Spanish cultural events in an informal atmosphere.

教授赞助人:Mrs. Lemus

The Spanish Honor Society is open to students in level III Spanish who have completed five semesters of Spanish with an “A” average, 其他所有课程的平均成绩为“A”.2.19).​​​​

教授赞助人:Mrs. Lemus 

The Spirit Wear Club will be responsible for keeping the JPII student store stocked with Spirit Wear items, 包括实际设计, 生产, 项目管理. The club looks to get the students involved in the process of running a small business from start to finish. Keeping products in stock, managing margins, and other various aspects of the JPII student store.

教授赞助人:Mrs. Ehemann和Mr. Jedlovec 

三个团队,大约七个人设计, 构建, and test rockets to meet specific requirements and potentially advance to a national competition in May near Washington D.C. 今年’s requirements include protecting two eggs (one horizontal and one vertical), 尽可能达到接近850英尺的高峰高度, 飞行时间尽可能接近44-46秒.  Each team will make three qualifying flights (in addition to numerous test flights).  其中最好的两架将被打分, and the 100 teams with the lowest scores will be invited to compete at the national competition in May. 

教授赞助人:先生. Finzel


 “学习在技术世界中发挥领导作用." A national organization that develops 21st-century leadership skills through STEM-based competitions. Over 70 competitions are available for students to participate on either the state or national level. 

教师资助人:. 史密斯和夫人. 布伦纳